My world is not your world

audio-/video work for smartphone, St.Gallen, 2008/2013
Audio walk through St. Gallen

A blind man (Gerd Bingemann) carefully describes the walk in detail recording his feelings in terms of space and orientation. The audio walker is led through a part of St.Gallen using tactile and acoustic observation alone. Finally, as the walk ends, one is guided up a flight of stairs to a high point from where the whole town can be viewed. On the walk the sounds of reality blend with the recording and produce an amazing space and time experience.

  1. go to the railway station of St.Gallen and find the white raised line at the meeting point
  2. put on your earphones and pay attention to the left-right-sign
  3. now open on your smartphone My World is not your World (Swiss German/English)
  4. follow Gerd’s description of his walk towards city centre
  5. be amazed by the experience you have

Please note: the recordings were made in the Summer of 2008 so do not be surprised by the change of road surfaces. Respect the traffic.

My World is not your World, Schweizerdeutsch/Englisch synchronisiert, m4v-data file, 20 MB, 18:30 mins, 2008/2103

The work was made for the exhibition «A Town (not a City)» in 2008 organized by the Kunst Halle St.Gallen. Thanks to: Gerd Bingemann, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen: Giovanni Carmine, Cynthia Krell, Voice: Rachel Lumsden, Translation: Sean Hawkins

Radio Teil 1, Beitrag von Judith Altenau, 22.10.2008 (mp3-Audiodatei, 2MB)
Radio Teil 2, Beitrag von Annika Wagner, 22.10.2008 (mp3-Audiodatei, 3MB)